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Social Welfare Society is a non government organization started by a group of individuals having experience of social services in slum areas. Social Welfare Society starts works with the coloration of another organizations working in various fields Over group of organizations is as under:

1)    Sewapati Charitable Trust
2)    Social Welfare Society
3)    Sewapati Charitable Society
4)    Sports Club Chandigarh
5)    Royal educational Society
6)    AMP Solution Ltd. Company

Some of welfare schemes of  Social Welfare Society are to provide education to children, Free legal Advice, Women empowerment and Attendant Services for patient care & home care.

Children Education :
India is the country that has more than 53 billionaires and at the same time three million homeless children, that live in the street. Children are the future of the country and over NGOs perfectly understand that and try to make changes in life of the children. The most effective way to do that is provide education to poor and needy children is discovered by royal educational society. Society made collaboration with AMP Solution. Ltd. Company.

Computer Education/Training :
Royal educational society provides computer training & other trainings i.e. industrial training etc. with the help of AMP Solutions Ltd. Company.

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