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Social Welfare Society came into being in an era when welfare services for the disadvantaged sections of society were not systematized and the welfare infrastructure was not as per requirement.

The Social Welfare Society has grown from what was essentially to serve the poor and needy people. The main aim and objective of the Social Welfare Society is to provide support services to the weaker section.

In response to the surveys and information collected, a multiplicity of programmes was designed and made tie up with other NGO’s. Most of these addressed simple needs such as, balwadis for the children of women workers, Hostels for Working Women and aid to various organizations that are working for the aged, handicapped and other such groups.   Welfare Extension Projects and Border Area Projects were started in areas where there were no organizations to implement the programmes.  The Social Welfare Society contributes to society from over the years, the society has been steadily evolving into a mature instrument of social change that has its anchor in the changing realities of our society.  In order to maintain the topicality of its schemes and programmes and to remain responsive to the needs of society, the society has been revamping and redesigning or formulating programmes that best fulfill emerging requirements.

I believe that we will serve to society in a better way with the help of social activist.

Mr.Pankaj Thakur


We provide Class room education with realistic field training received equal and balanced attention. Apart from ordinary students the students from Engineering Colleges, Polytechnics and ITI’s have undergone advance courses cum Project Studies with our respective centers. Students who have been trained by us, got immediate placements or have taken to self-employment. Detailed information in support of above can be seen in the prospectus and education material published by the society. It The purpose of the social welfare society  is to “Create Employment Opportunities” for the poor and needy people after a basic qualification like Matric and +2 standards.

We since then have been the prime institution in the field of Training and Education in Chandigarh and North India Region. With a number of poor and needy students undergoing training every year in various  field we have proven our worth.

I believe that social welfare society will be one of the leading society who is helping the masses in real séances.
Honorary Project Director
Dr. Sushil Kumar tank