Children Education :
India is the country that has more than 53 billionaires and at the same time three million homeless children, that live in the street. Children are the future of the country and over NGOs perfectly understand that and try to make changes in life of the children. The most effective way to do that is provide education to poor and needy children is discovered by royal educational society. Society made collaboration with AMP salutation Pvt. Ltd. Company.

Computer Education/Training :

Royal educational society provides computer training & other trainings i.e. industrial training etc. with the help of AMP salutation Pvt. Ltd. Company.

We Provide Part time Jobs in Teaching to Needy :

Over NGO provide part time jobs in teaching , these teachers teaches to poor and needy children If you want to be a part time teacher then there are plenty of available options for you. The part time teaching jobs require some qualification which can help you to get the job. The basic graduation degree can be sometimes enough to get a part time job in teaching. However, higher degrees can get you a part time teaching job that pays better. There are plenty of online and offline teaching part time jobs that you can choose from and make money using your teaching skills. If you want to make sure that you work in the right place then you have to spend time searching for the job that suits you the most. You must have these basic qualifications:

  •  You must have a graduation degree from a recognized college
  • Having an honors degree in any subject can help you better
  • Having a teaching course certificate will increase your chances of getting the job
  • You will have to prove your skills in order to pass the exams and clear the interviews.

Right to Information Activist

Fight corruption in India with Right to Information Act. The RTI Act, enacted by parliament in 2005, has huge potential in ensuring greater public participation in the country’s governance, eliminating corruption and empowering the people. We have RTI activist, volunteers, how are working for social welfare.

Free legal Advice :
Over NGO’S provides free legal advice by experts to needy people.

Women empowerment :

– Over NGO’s providing help to women as and when they come to us.
– Family Counseling and guidance to women
– Over NGO’s provide free family counseling and guidance to women. The qualified counselor have been providing services to women and try to resolve their problems.

Attendant Services for patient care & home care:

We provide qualified and trained attendant in Chandigarh and its surroundings on demand basis. The attendants are properly trained and well equipped with caring methodology.

Provide opportunity to get work/Job, for weaker section :
We provide job opportunity to skilled people, like carpenter, electrician, washer Man, etc. The people who are technically eligible to work as mentioned above and not getting job anywhere is provided job opportunity by over NGO.

Organizing Dental Care camp:

Over NGO’s organizing Dental care camp in Chandigarh and its surrounding. Qualified dentist are providing services and a numbers of poor and needy people are getting dental care at free of cost.

NGO: Blood Donation

Blood donation is very important sign of our care and willing to help to other people. Just think about so many people whose lives can be saved by the blood donation. That is the most valuable gift in the world. Over NGO contributes a lot in organizing blood donation programs. Different blood donation camps are being organized by us in Chandigarh and its surroundings.

Organizing Eye Care camp

Over NGO’s organizing eye care camp in Chandigarh and its surrounding. Qualified doctors are providing services and a numbers of poor and needy people are getting eye treatment at free of cost.


NGO’s are running two academic Journals 1) International Journals of Sports Sciences and Physical Education 2) International Journal of Life Sciences and Medical Sciences. These journals are internationally recognized and having very good reputation in the world.


NGO is running a weekly newspaper namely “Infinite Voice” This newspaper is approved by ministry of information and broadcasting. This news paper is published in English and Hindi language.

Over group of Society is as under:
1)    Sewapati Charitable Trust
2)    Social Welfare Society
3)    Sewapati Charitable Society
4)    Sports Club Chandigarh
5)    Royal educational Society
6)    AMP salutation Pvt. Ltd. Company


  • To investigate and check cruelty against animals to heighten public awareness on the torture perpetrated on animals for the sake research & beauty, glamour and art to discourage & thwart anti-animals activities by taking prompt remedial actions.
  • To construct Gaushala/sheds for stay of accidental, weak, old, awara animals and birds.
  • To make arrangement for proper fodder/feeds & drinking water to animals & birds.

To conduct Awareness Generation Programmes/Campaigns amongst Student, Youth, Adolescents, Women & General masses in various aspects & fields like NEAC, Legal Literacy, Primary Health Care, Cultural Programmes, Sports, Music, Art, Science, Road Safety, Pollution Control, Population issues, Enterprise Development, Information Technology, Agriculture, RCH, AIDS, Immunization, Drug Abuse, Indian System of Medicine and Homeopathy, Human Rights, National Integration, promotion of Small Family Norms etc.


  • To conduct campaigns against social evils such as dowry, suicide prevention, female feticide, corruptions, illiteracy, pollution & Gender discrimination, Right of information  etc.
  • To launch cleanliness, sanitation and health education campaign.


  • Formation of Voluntary Organization in rural & urban areas.
  • Peaceful resolution settlement of local conflicts and disputes.
  • Enabling the weaker section of the community to take advantage of the various welfare schemes of the Govt.
  • We work for prevention of Alcoholism & Drug Abuse.


In the event of natural calamities such as draught, floods, cyclones & earthquakes:


  • To run first aid and primary health centers.
  • To provide counseling services to people living with anxiety of the unknown in pretest & post test counseling for HIV & to work for prevention of STD/HIV.
  • To fight against drug abuse.


We provide free medical aid to the aged men and women.

Help to Victim of Crime:

In India there is no agency who provides help to victim of crime; we tried over best to help the persons who is victim of crime and facing problems. We provide him/her proper legal advice free of cost and help in either way.


  • To work for ‘Non Residents Indian (NRI) to help NRI.
  • To work for Human Right for the welfare of every Human.
  • To work for the welfare of children/Women/ Handicapped / Victim of Crime.
  • To work for the welfare of Birds.
  • To start “City food Corner’’ to provide Healthy & Hygienic food for the poor students /poor patients /poor & needy People.
  • To work for the welfare of Animals.
  • To work for Welfare for prisoners.

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